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A large painting of a man, on silk

An early 20th century Chinese export copy of an early 18th century picture of Dutch trader done in the European taste.
On silk

Chinese, circa 1930
In the late 18th century China became the destination with which to trade. Europeans and in particular, the Dutch made vast fortunes export their China and cloth to the Chinese who in return provided tea, porcelain and opium.
As with any tourist market items were made exclusively for the export market and Dutch trades often had their portraits painted on glass, silk or made out of soapstone. This copy, on silk, made in the early 20th century shows a Westerner, with some oriental features, in Western dress admiring probably one of his porcelain wares.

Height: 82 1/4 in; 208.5 cm
Width: 42 1/4 in;118.5 cm

Reference: MTS137

Price: £8,750

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