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'The Judgement of Paris' by Deifebo Burbarini

'The Judgement of Paris' - Deifebo Burbarini (Siena 1619-1689)

Paris seated to the left, a Phrygian cap on his head and holding out the golden apple, a shepherd's crook in his other hand and a recumbent dog at his feet, Hermes leaning over his shoulder to observe the proceedings with his caduceus in one hand and his winged petasos on his head, the goddesses to the right; Athena in armour with a crested helmet on her head and a spear held in her hand, Hera gesticulating towards the sky with her peacock at her feet and drapery about her, Aphrodite scantily clad with her girdle around her waist, Cupid at his mother's side with his bow in one hand, a man to the right foreground with an amphora, Mount Ida and a watery landscape beyond.

Oil on canvas, in a contemporary gilt fram

Italian, c.1660
Deifebo Burbarini (1619-1689), a pupil of Rafaello Vanni, is little-known today and was mainly a religious painter of altar-pieces, active in Siena. A similarly mythological work, and perhaps a companion to the present picture, 'Juno placing the eyes of Argus on the tail of a peacock' was sold at Christie's in 2017.

100 cm high x 130 cm wide

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